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the inside of a building under construction with metal bars on it's sides and walls
Process: The Green Street House.
Photo Detail of Cantilevered Stair
a piece of wood sitting on top of an assembly line with metal bars attached to it
Escada Metálica – Casas António Carneiro
Escada Metálica | Casas António Carneiro
some metal brackets are attached to the side of a concrete wall with graffiti on it
Estudio de arquitectura y diseño en Barcelona
Casa E | 08023 Arquitectos - Detalles de la construcción de la escalera. Es una versión de escalera metálica en voladizo que nunca habíamos probado. De todas las escaleras que habéis visto/subido/bajado, ¿Cuales son las escaleras que más os han llamado la atención? ‪#escaleras #construccion
the mono - stringer is shown with instructions for how to install it and how to use it
Get A Free Staircase Consultation
Detail of the Mono Stringer staircase system. The architectural stair is a must for all open flight staircases.
the stairs are made out of wood and metal
solid timber staircase on I-beam stringer IMAGE STAIRWAYS STAIRS STAIRCASE
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room with brick walls and wooden flooring
Quels meubles industriels pour la demeure moderne?
aménagement industriel, beaucoup de lumière, fenetres grandes, briques rouges
a spiral staircase in the middle of a room with wooden floors and white brick walls
Escada Caracol: 75 Modelos, Fotos e Dicas Essenciais. Confira!
a red metal spiral staircase against a blue brick wall
Red Stairs (Tulsa, Oklahoma) photo by Farrah Jones
there is a wooden staircase in the room
A beautiful Brazilian beach home
Egy gyönyörű brazil tengerparton otthon
the stairs are made out of wooden planks
Private Site
hardwood floors2
a man is walking up some stairs made out of wood
Architektura na
wood block stairs