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Clever Wall Lamps Turn Into Animals When Switched On

Keď sa zažnú tieto šikovné lampy, zmenia sa na zvieratá – Doba Magazín

Origami Lights by Umut Yamac

Created by a London-based architect and designer with Turkish heritage, Umut Yamac, this is the Perch Light family.

triangle box

Origami triangle box with attached lid. Looks like it starts with a diamond made from two equilateral triangles.

Space Time Foam, artist Tomás Saraceno has created this superb facility at Andersen's Contemporary Berlin GmbH, called "Cloudy House", this work consists of geometric paper clouds.

Paper Clouds Suspended in Geometric Clusters by Tomas Saraceno This small room filled with strange clusters overhead is an installation by artist Tomas Saraceno. Produced in Cloudy House was a.