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the ultimate guide to every character in mario's world, including characters and their names
Instead of working on my portfolio, I created an quick reference gift guide for Stardew...
an image of some pixel style items in a room with wooden shelves and plants on them
Inspired by billson23's red grange, here's a rainbow of winning grange displays!
the game's map is shown in this screenshot from an overhead view, with trees and bushes surrounding it
an old - school computer game showing the interior of a house with furniture and decorations
h s u o r i n g
an overhead view of a living room with furniture and bookshelves in the background
an aerial view of a city with lots of trees and houses in the middle of it
Dive into anything
the characters in animal crossing are shown with their hair pulled back and wearing different outfits
CRABBIT's new hair
an image of the game's environment
Steam :: Kynseed :: Kynseed: Full Steam Ahead