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Water seeks its own level - science experiment
fireworks in jar
My Physics Practical at Home, please don't try
DIY Science - Snowstorm in a Bottle
Whether you’ve seen enough snow to last a lifetime or would love to find a few flurries on your front porch, making your snowstorm is a seriously excellent science project, perfect for snow days and sunny play dates alike. Learn how science plays a role in your winter wonderland!
Easy toddler activity - alphabet matching
a blue mat topped with lots of numbers and magnets on top of each other
Temu|Kid Felt Finger Numbers Math Toys, Children Counting Early Learning Educational Board, For Toddler Teaching Aid
Faster shipping. Better service
a bulletin board made out of clothes pegs with letters and numbers written on them
Activity Ideas for 12-18 Month-Olds — Oh Hey Let's Play