Summer Retreat

Norwegian architectural studio Reiulf Ramstad Architects has designed a summer house in Fuglevik, Norway. The unique feature of this design is that all the

Sand dune architecture

"Deeply embedded in a context of coastal sand dunes, Dune is a weekend house that allows sand to drift over and around it. The house is a synthetic dune, it.

the 'sandworm' rests next to the seaside

‘Sandworm’ is a giant sheltering structure made entirely from willow tree branches and sand. Created by Finnish architects Marco Casagrande and C-Lab, this sculpture lies in a sand dune in Wenduine, Belgium.

Melbourne-based architecture firm McBride Charles Ryan also breaks the boundaries of conventional residential architecture. Located in Rye, Australia, this modern vacation home is surrounded by sand dunes and beaches along the Mornington Peninsula

Klein Bottle weekend House by McBride Charles Ryan is situated in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. A house inspired by origami :)

Sand dune architecture

architect Luis Pereira Miguel of Lisbon-based Pereira Miguel Arquitectos

Sand Dune Clouds

Energy Innovation while using Art, Mathematics, Temperature, and of course, God's gift of nature for it all including the many minds involved in the Vision and Stewardship!

Sand Dune Architecture

casa monte na comporta 3 Custom Sand Job: Casa Monte na Comporta in Portugal