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a white sign with black writing on it that says caution the media is not a reflection of reality
love yourself
Caution: letting the mass conscious script enter the back side of this chakra without knowing it and running it as truth.
the shadow of a person with a hat on, in front of a black background
chakra pedia (chakrapedia)
throat chakras magic mantra
a poster with the words tell all once and all your truths become questionable
chakra pedia (chakrapedia)
Like weeds in a healthy garden. Cull the bad seeds. Keep those who plant bad seeds from dropping them in your space. If they do remove the seed and their likelihood to do that again where possible. Don't sprinkle bad seeds in other people's plots. Then watch your garden thrive and all the nature spirits coming out to assist you with good fortune! xo
a man holding up a sign that says go 24 hours without complaining not even once then watch how your life starts changing
24 hours no complaining
the letters are made out of red plastic
Which color food is your body most craving today? @chakrashakes on Instagram
a painting of a woman with her arms outstretched in front of a blue sky filled with stars
the art room plant
The lack of energy is often a reaction to eating the wrong foods. So can be weight gain and problems with digestion. This can be accompanied by conflicting thought patterns or tangles that cause looping without resolution. This is the choice chakra and channel for what enters our throat. Change the choices to allow the new energy to get to work.
an ad with the words 10 % of conflicts are due to differences in opinion 90 % are due to wrong tone of voice
tune your tone
an image of a blue and white object in the middle of it's frame
Home of the Cymatics
In essence it is the pitch of a person's voice that determines the basic geometry of each vowel when made visible on the CymaScope
a painting of a person holding a finger to their lips
stop telling the same stories ad nauseam and clinging to other people's information. it holds you outside of the present time and stops your aura from glowing. it makes your throat back up like a clogged sink and keeps you weighted in the past when your point of power is right now. tell me your dreams, let me feel them in you emerging here and now. avoid going back to the old stories and regrets or repeat things that were written in another set point.
a black and white photo with the quote behind every complaint there is deep personal longing
The Gottman Institute | Relationships
a black and white poster with the words don't hide your strength on it
Account Suspended
Ear Health: Our ears represent our capacity to hear, What is it you are unwilling to hear? Are you avoiding listening to your inner guidance?
a quote that says sometimes it's better to react with no reaction on white background
Avoid drama with an emotionally intelligent reaction or non-reaction. Not hiding though, which is also the mechanism of a drama king. A drama king is the inverse of a drama queen in some ways. He creates drama through pulling his energy in and disconnecting. Pulling away, running away, inability to connect, lack of emotional presence and intimacy. Think arrested development.
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Chakras and their corresponding mantras
a quote from john gotman about admit when you're wrong, shut up when you're right
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