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a rock with some writing on it that says ol sten kost stern op luften
a cross stitch sign hanging on the side of a wall
a cross - stitch picture frame with a quote on it
the word love is written in cursive writing
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
by delia
an open blue suitcase filled with lots of different colored buttons and magnets on top of a wooden table
Nå er de fleste konfirmasjonene overstått for denne gang. Men nye kommer etterhvert. En forventningsfull dag for både konfirmantene selv, og alle rundt dem. Jeg var selv i konfirmasjon for et par uker siden. Og til tross for min slitne helse, så var en av prioriteringene å legge litt flid i gaven
a young boy sitting on the ground with text overlay that reads 7 ways to run the
7 Ways to Ruin the Relationship With Your Child - The Character Corner
If you are aren't careful what you say to your kids, or how you say it. Here are 7 ways to ruin the relationship with your child.
a wine bottle sitting on top of a shelf next to a shower faucet
Put those shelves to good use! #winetime
an image of a white llama with sunglasses on it's head and the words no probillama
No probllama
a person holding a cake with candles on it and the caption says happy birthday eve it's a thing
Happy Birthday Eve!'s a thing.
Happy Birthday Eve! .......It's A Thing. | Birthday Ecard
i'm always weirdly proud when my pee is clear
30 Funny Love Quotes
30 inappropriate humor pictures