We were liars

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a poem written in black ink on a beige background with the words, we were liars by e lockhart
a coffee cup sitting on top of a window sill
tea can do that.
there was nowhere nowhere now here nowhere now to go but we were liars, chapter 81
31 Incredibly Sad Quotes That Will Give You Feelings | Epic Reads Blog
the silhouette of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind, against a dark background
the kitchen sink is full of dishes and plants
Morning in Bristol
there is a book shelf with books on it and a quote written in the middle
How To Tell When You've Met a Truly Intelligent Person
an ocean beach with the words, we have a warped view of humanity on bechwood
an open book with some writing on it
~Cruel Love~ Draco Malfoy
a person under water with their hand up to the camera
Fear or Not To Fear, It’s Up To You To Try
an open window with the handle on it
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a person standing on the beach watching the sun go down over the ocean and waves
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three coffee mugs sitting on top of a counter next to a toaster oven
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