National dress(bunad) from Norway. This one is called "beltestakk" :-)

National dress(bunad) from Norway. This one is called "beltestakk" :-) If I could choose a Bunad from wherever (you should always buy one who is connected to where you or your family comes from) I would totally buy this!

Norwegian bunads from Røros

The two young ladies are wearing bunads from Røros, Norway. The local costume tradition has been heavily influenced by the Biedermeier and the New Roccoco fashions Copyright-Laila-Duran

Norwegian Costumes from the collection of Thomas Johansson and his wife Ingrid Strömvall  from Toarp parish in Åhs Härad Norway. Photo: Laila Duran. (all rights reserved for photos and text) Photo shot at the  Borås Open Air Museum.

Very often we find that the “treasures” of folk costume handicraft are hidden at first sight. Ingrid is wearing a beautifully trimmed skirt and apron, finely knitted stockings with elaborate embroidery, and shoes to die for.

"These are the clothes used in Boda during winter. The baby is kept warm in a fur coat, a”kolt”, with knitted stockings and mittens. His tiny, tiny shoes are the same model as adult shoes." Text and photo by Laila Duran of Folklore Fashion

Portrait of a Saami mother and child wearing traditional clothes, Lapland, Sweden

Bride from Hardanger - by Laila Duran

Bride from Hardanger, Norway - by Laila Duran ….Stay cheap and comfortable on…

National Costumes (bunad) from Vestfold County

National Costumes (bunad) from Vestfold County, Norway I miss seeing all the little kids dressed up on May 17