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a train traveling over a bridge in the snow
ill never make white ppl ahead of me because im white -- im never behind ppl for what my family has done, and for what ppl continuously do to me despite my background and knowledge ... ill never let ppl put me in a situation of death out of jealousy when all they haveto do is read- ---its called read. its not difficult at all - all ofthis because my hair didn't turn out rgiht??
a cabin in the snow surrounded by trees
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a red brick building with snow falling on the ground and steps leading up to it
Boston, Massachusetts
an alley way with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling and snow on the ground
Cozy Winter Edition #549 – Joy To The World | Food Porn Blog
Cozy Winter Edition #549 - Joy To The World #christmas #cozy #family #holidays #home #joy #love #winter
an alley way with snow on the ground and brick buildings in the backround
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a close up of a deer with snow on it's antlers and the words be bold behind it
Her Tea Leaves
jjosiff: “Wise wapiti by Maxime Plantady via 500px. ”
people walking down an alley at night with christmas lights on the trees and buildings in the background
oh my, look at those lights! :)
a close up of a pine tree with lights in the background and snow on it
A blurry focused image which is useful in focusing on the inputs and output data on the screen. Goes well with the idea of images relating to the user's location season.
two people sitting on a bench in front of a fire place with their feet up
Leyendo al amor de la lumbre
two people sitting in front of a fire pit with drinks and marshmallows