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Cecilie Geving H. Hernandez

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Cecilie Geving H. Hernandez
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Gosh. So sad, the hardest part about being vegan is explaining how the love of these animals for their babies matter and that they feel emotion and realizing that most people just really don't care.

Please try to go VEGAN? It is soo much easier than you think.& you will make a difference! You can save up to 900 animals becoming a vegetarian! Becoming a Vegan even more!

If we can extend personhood status to dolphins and other primates, then it's time to do the same for all other animals - cows, sheep, deer....pigs (who also happen to be smarter than our dogs and cats). All animals deserve that recognition.

If we can extend personhood status 2 dolphins & other primates, then its time th same 4 all animals- cows, sheep, deer, pigs (smarter than dogs & cats). All animals deserve th recognition

This makes my heart hurt, my soul weep. ~storm_rider1 if you cant handle seeing this, you shouldnt be eating it or supporting it.

You CAN live without bacon.but they can't.what I tell my husband but at least he only shops for meats at EarthFare which sells free-range meats, pork & poultry (animals live on pastures) -Mari

ALL animal use is animal ABUSE: Drop the hypocrisy. #GoVEGAN TODAY. www.howdoigovegan.com

there is no difference. Suffering is suffering.it is our moral duty as a civilized species to live vegan and to leave all the animals in peace. Millions are doing so, join the revolution!

Know the truth. Please be their voice. Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal industry's cruelties. Please help me save the Animals

The human body has no need for animal products. Billions of animals are killed every year.due to powerful, profit-driven industries telling us that we need their products in order to be healthy.

Let's free these beautiful creatures

Funny pictures about Wild animals don't belong behind prison glass. Oh, and cool pics about Wild animals don't belong behind prison glass. Also, Wild animals don't belong behind prison glass.