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an open book with a quote from frank ocean on the cover and inside it is white paper
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a woman riding on the back of a white horse down a beach next to the ocean
ive ridden horses before at the farm. but just imagine what this would feel like? the beach (a REAL beach, not a lake beach) is captivating enough, now add the thrill of essentially flying? heaven.
a woman sitting in front of a campfire and looking at the moon
Enjoying the afternoon sun
two people laying on a towel with their feet up in the water and holding wine glasses
two people hugging each other on top of a hill
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a close up of a wine glass with a quote on the bottom that reads, i hope to arrive to my death, late, in love, and still drunk
two canoes are docked at the end of a dock in front of some mountains
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Beautiful Mountain Landscape Photography by Marco Bäni #inspiration #photography
a man and woman are sitting in the back of a truck together, embracing each other
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a fire is lit in the middle of a field with trees and water behind it
To motivate and inspire
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