Ezra Pounds translation of Li Po.

Ezra Pound’s “Exile’s Letter”

Li Po chanting a poem, by Liang K’ai century).

I Am Someone, Look At Me

I Am Someone, Look at Me

Hailed as the century’s answer to Proust for his controversial six-volume autobiographical work, “My Struggle,” Karl Ove Knausgaard responded to his sudden celebrity with an essay on his tortured relationship with fame. Photo by Robi Rodriguez.

Shelley Jackson's INERADICABLE STAIN : news

Shelley Jackson's INERADICABLE STAIN : news

Dawn Powell’s Masterful Gossip: Why Won't It Sell?

Tim Page, the novelist Dawn Powell’s biographer and the owner of the forty-three handwritten volumes of her diaries, was anticipating a feeding frenzy …