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I have loved many cats and lost a few very special ones and my childhood familiar is always in my heart and memories, she was a soulmate

The Faolan Girl: a witchy house is not a home without a cat. I miss mine terribly and once the god&goddess tell me my heart is ready for another i will search with Bast in my heart until one chooses me, cat in the house

PAIR Gardneri Panchax Killi fish (Fundulopanchax gardneri) KILLIFISH in Live Fish | eBay

This captive bred variety of Killifish is normally found in water holes, streams, and marshes in Africa. The males of this species are a vibrant blue/green with many red spots running the length of the body.

Been having a hard time with my relationship. I wrote "LOVE" on the leaf and set it aflame It caught fire instantly and burned bright Hopefully that's a good sign