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two women standing next to each other in front of a mirror with pictures on the wall
Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks
a woman is getting her face painted at an outdoor event with other people in the background
florence welch
a woman sitting in a chair holding a microphone and raising her hand to the side
Jane Fonda Battles the Friend Zone and Toxic Masculinity in One Speech
three women standing next to each other in formal dress and fur coats at an event
black and white photograph of two people standing next to each other
#TBT: Jane Fonda’s 10 Best Knockout Beauty Moments
two women sitting on white chairs talking to each other in front of a blue curtain
16 Famous Women Who Were, Without A Doubt, Unapologetic As Hell
Nicky Hopkins, Actors, Guy, Old Hollywood, Iconic Women, Thylane Blondeau
Jane Fonda Reveals That She Was Raped and Sexually Abused as a Child
an old photo with the caption that says,'this is what she looks like in
you can thank Lucille ball for star trek
the tweet was posted to someone on their twitter account, and it looks like they
two men standing next to each other in front of a wall with an old photo on it
33 Amazing Moments In History in Snap Format
Films, Role Models, Angela Lansbury, Amazing Women
an image of a woman with fake tattoos on her face and in front of a computer
If its traditional tattoo - Funny
an old photo of a woman wearing a white shirt
On Stonewall Riot Initiator Sylvia Rivera's Birthday, Her Words About Gay Oppression Against Trans People Still Ring True
a woman holding a sign that says let my people love
How the First Pride Parades Radicalized the Gay Rights Movement in the 1970s - Flashbak
two women in bodysuits walking down the street
Sylvia Rivera, Latinx stonewall activist, is getting a monument in New York
an old photo of a woman holding a cat
5 Reasons Sylvia Rivera Is One of the Most Badass Radical Trans Heroes to Ever Live - Everyday Feminism
a woman holding up a sign that says never again
Never again.
two women standing next to each other in front of tall buildings on a city street
Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson: Listen to the Newly Unearthed Interview with Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries | New-York Historical Society
a black and white photo of a person holding a sign that says power to the people
a woman walking down the street with a purple sash around her neck and smiling at the camera
Civic Nation BrandVoice: 13 Revolutionary Women Who Deserve A Statue
Marsha P. Johnson by Pride | GIPHY
four different pictures of a woman with blonde hair and makeup on her face, smiling at the camera
johanna e. h. 🐧⚢ (@gay_librarian) / Twitter
two tweets that are on top of each other
an old photo of a woman with a hat on her head and the caption says, for people who say that prince philip
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a woman with her hand on her chest and the words written in cursive writing
Personal items from Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds up for auction | CBC News