Christian Maximillian Danielssen

Christian Maximillian Danielssen

Christian Maximillian Danielssen
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My schedule would be : High-Cap Tumbling AP stunting Honors jumps and agility Advanced strength and conditioning Cheerleading Worlds history and Honors AP Stretching/flexibility. I would seriously be an A+ student.



Cheer Dance, Prep Life, Stunts, Lacrosse, Cheerleading, Cheer Stunts, Waterfalls, Competitive Cheerleading

Cheerleading Confessions

basketball players throw balls in a hoop, volley players hit a ball back and forth, football players take eachother to the ground. but cheerleaders risk an injury everytime they set foot in a gym.

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My way to happiness you are who you choose to be Use this layout to describe your story.


I like when extended stunts connect to prep/shoulder stunts without hands. Leaves the middle girl(s) free to do something else.

Gabi Butler Smoed;

Hi my is names Gabi Butler I am from Miami Florida and I came to Cali to tryout for SMOED I am really flexible and a really good tumbler once I started school.