Tripp Trapp® chair - Stokke® Global

Your little one will enjoy mealtimes with the Tripp Trapp® cushion. It provides a cozy seat by adding lush comfort and support to your child. Made to accompany the Tripp Trapp Baby Set, this cushion will keep baby comfy and happy for every meal.

Figgjo Hval - Norwegian Design Council

Figgjo Hval - The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

Stokke Xplory - Norwegian Design Council

Stokke Xplory - The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture

So-ro - Cradle - Norwegian Design Council

The so-ro cradle rocks the child in a forward manner, like we rock babies in our arms. The cradle helps babies get to sleep quickly and is a more comfortable movement for the baby than sideways rocking.


The “Re-turned”-concepts elevates leftover wood from being merely an ignored piece of trash to becoming a desired piece of feel-good woodcraft. A recycled item, perfect as a housewarming-gift to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature.

Otivio - save or improve the lives of patients who have suffered a stroke

Otivia Medical Device for Combating Hyperthermia in Acute Stroke


Search for re turned penguin wood figurine products that have been hand-selected by Dwell and our partners. Each product page will tell its back story—including the materials, construction, and inspiration—and will link you to…


Re-Turned // by Lars Beller Fjetland (Discipline)


The Luxo lamp - star of desk and blockbuster movies