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6 Things to Know Before Heading to Nepal - BREATHE TRAVEL

If you’ve ever heard anything about Nepal, it was probably something along the lines of “it’s one of the most beautiful countries with the kindest people”. And let me tell you, it’s one hundred per cent true. Nepal is one.

A First Timer’s Guide to Nepal - Peanuts or Pretzels

Nepal itself is small but emcompassing and having a first timer's guide to Nepal will help with your adjusting quickly to the food, transportation, and many more. From the plains of Terai to the roof

a photographer's guide to visiting nepal.

Nepal is a country wrapping in mystique for many. The home of the highest mountain in the world and a civilization known for living in the harsh conditions of the Himalayas, Nepal has much to offer.


I would love to travel to Ladakh. Prayer Flags at Tsemo Fort "Leh, Ladakh, India. This is the place to come for the sunset across Ladakh. A bit of a climb but well worth it" I have never been there.I am sure it would be wonderful to visit.

boring words

Are boring words hurting your writing? Some words, when repetitively used, become boring for the reader. Consider using a synonym instead, which might help convey the meaning more vividly and accurately.

Kathmandu Valley infographic - Infographic showing Facts and Information about Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Also find out about it's Location, Best time to visit, Nearby attractions & more.

Traveling — that simple act of going from one place (yours) to another (a nearby town or a famous tourist destination) — has now become one of the world’s