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Check your battery Make sure the contacts on your car battery are clean and corrosion free, and take the battery to an auto repair shop to have it tested. If the battery is more than four years old, consider replacing it. #studdedtires

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Tire Pressure Have you ever noticed your car’s tire pressure light sometimes comes on during the winter? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your car just isn’t getting the same gas mileage as it used to? Under-inflated tires can lower your gas mileage and are typically more prone to damage (flats, blow-outs, etc.). Check your tire pressure to make sure the cold weather hasn’t deflated them. #wintertyres

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Tires Fall is a good time to rotate tires, for more even wear and a more comfortable ride. In winter, pressure should be checked weekly. Always check tire pressure in the driveway, since driving as little as a mile to the supermarket can affect the reading. And don’t forget to check the spare, too, especially if you’ve been lucky and haven’t needed it for a while. #studdedtyres

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Check the Battery Check your battery. When was it purchased? What kind of battery is it? What type of weather and use is it rated for? These are all important questions to consider. You also need to check the battery connections to make sure there’s no corrosion. #studdedtires

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Get the right tires for winter There are different types of tires available for different driving conditions. When choosing the right tires for winter, you must first consider your needs. Choosing the right winter tires will help you avoid slipping off the road or other accidents. #allweathertyres

Inspect Your Wipers The best time to change your windshield wipers is in the fall. The hot summer temperatures can warp the rubber and keep them from doing their job. With rain, snow and ice on its way, you need to make sure that your wipers are able to keep your windshield clear. #summertires

Check/change your oil Cold weather makes the oil in your car run thicker, and some manufacturers recommend using lower viscosity oil for the cold months. Getting a fresh oil change before winter, and changing to thinner viscosity oil, will help your car run more reliably in the cold. #allweathertires

Check hoses and belts The rubber on your hoses and belts can deteriorate in cold weather, so look for soft spots, cracks, bulges, stretching or loose connections, and replace hoses and belts as needed. You should also keep checking these through the season as part of your regular winter auto maintenance. #allseasontires

Check or Replace the Battery Extreme weather can be hard on the car battery. The colder the weather gets the more strength it loses. As a result, it can get harder to start the car. Make sure that the battery is not too old; if it’s older than three or four years, it might be time to replace it with a new one. #studdedtires

Go for an Engine Tune-Up This is arguably the most important car maintenance tip for the fall. The engine has to perform optimally as the weather begins to shift from one extreme to the other. Otherwise, you may be faced with one of the most expensive repairs you could possible make on a vehicle. #wintertires