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jesus holding his hands out with the words, i have heard you
a painting of a girl on a swing
Child-like faith
jesus sitting on top of a rock with the words i am with you always until the very end of time
Am with you always. Until the very end of time. Matthew - iFunny
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a drawing of two hands holding a person's head with the words, when life is all too real my friend he holds you in the palm of his hand
a little bird standing on top of a rock with a quote about sometimes when we just stand still, the grace finds us
the text reads, sometimes god will put a goliath in your life for you to find the david within you
Battle Scars
a woman sitting in the rain with her hands on her face and an image of a bird
02_01_22_carolpaynestamps Bible Encouragement, Scripture
Stampin' Up! Flowing Flowers is Not "Just Another Flower" Set!