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a ceramic vase with two birds on it
Sold Teapots
Dana Lehrer Danze Pottery
a ceramic teapot with a bird on top and leaves painted on the outside of it
Sold Teapots
Dana Lehrer Danze Pottery
a teapot shaped like a bird with a handle on it's body and an intricate design
Jim and Shirl Parmentier Ceramics Artist | Artful Home
a ceramic teapot with flowers painted on it
Perpetual teapot wonderment
a brown tea pot with a wooden handle
YAKISHIMEDOBINGATA KAKI (High-fired unglazed Teapot-shaped Flower Vase A) Takeo ware
an article about pottery is featured in the magazine's page, titled knicks
Sophisticated Pinch Pottery
Sophisticated Pinch Pottery « Lark Crafts
the instructions for making a clay bird with holes in it's beak and wings
Sophisticated Pinch Pottery
From "Pinch Pottery: Functional, Modern Handbuilding" by Susan Halls
the different types of pots and pans
ceramics | Art with Ms. Long
a white ceramic teapot shaped like a flower with swirls and leaves on it
What have I been doing...
This is beautiful (Barbara Chadwick)
a cake shaped like a teapot with flowers on it
Great example of a well thought out design- the form resembles a watering can, and the decoration supports the design
a white tea pot sitting on top of a table
Med Thrown Tea P
a white ceramic tea pot with an intricate design on the top and sides, sitting in front of a gray background
Building a New Teapot Form...
Ginger Steele
two ceramic teapots sitting on top of a wooden table
Insomnia Pottery Workshop
Here are two slab teapots constructed at my recent workshop at Lower Columbia College.
a green tea pot with a flower design on it
Seasons of a Potter’s Life | David Voorhees | Episode 181
David Voorhees Ginkgo tetera de porcelana