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people are sitting at tables in a restaurant
@stumptowncoffee at @tattebakery in Brookline, Boston
an outdoor restaurant with tables and chairs covered in white fluffy furs on the floor
— girlinthepark: Claire Menary | The Churchill,...
girlinthepark:Claire Menary | The Churchill, Hyatt...
an empty restaurant with long tables and chairs
Gallery of Usine Restaurant / Richard Lindvall - 9
Usine Restaurant,Courtesy of Richard Lindvall
the interior of a restaurant with wooden tables and chairs, hanging lights and bookshelves
pano BROT & KAFFEE by DIA – Dittel Architekten, Stuttgart – Germany
pano BROT & KAFFEE by DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN, Stuttgart – Germany
people sitting on couches in an industrial living room with brick walls and exposed ceilings
a white bathroom with a basket on the floor
Quiet Space
Quiet Space - These Minimalist Homes Are Giving Us Life - Photos
a woman is sitting at the counter in a coffee shop, surrounded by cups and mugs
Coffee to go Tokyo
Coffee to go Tokyo - a day magazine
a wooden table with two chairs and a wine glass on it
HÖST RESTAURANT | real photos, not 3D
HÖST RESTAURANT | real photos, not 3D on Behance
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs
Um lugar cosmopolita no México
Um lugar cosmopolita no México Restaurante reúne belas influências em reduto cool
a bar with several stools in front of it
TRENDLAND | Online Trend News covering design, art, fashion, travel and more
badass ceiling...not sure if something like this would be the direction we'd want to go/be able to afford, but its cool
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants
Gallery of Vivarium / Stu/D/O Architects + HYPOTHESIS - 15
Vivarium Restaurant Bangkok by HYPOTHESIS + Stu/D/O Architects
a bar with two stools in front of it and brick walls on the side
This Bar Is Easily the Coolest Place to Drink in Sydney
Modern, Dark Living Space Decor with Up-cycled Wooden Bar and Exposed Brick Walls
an empty restaurant with white chairs and wooden tables
DESIGN CAFE | Cool bistrot design in Prague, Phill's Twenty7 | ITALIANBARK
Cafe Restaurant furniture | Timber always brings such a cozy feel to any interior. The grey timber Tiamo chairs in this photograph are available in Australia! | Nufurn Commercial Furniture
a brick wall with several stools and tables in front of it, along with lights hanging from the ceiling
Donny's Bar brings some good old country vibes to suburban Sydney...
I love the decor in this cafe/ bar - particularly the wall lighting, but also the stools and those great little table decorations using old tins and glass jars
the interior of a restaurant with yellow chairs and wooden tables in front of white walls
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