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three triangle shaped artwork pieces hanging on a wooden wall next to a postcard with an envelope
two young boys playing with colorful hats at a table in a room filled with furniture
a child's art project made out of paper and colored construction paper on a table
several pieces of paper cut into squares with scissors and tape on the edges, all in different colors
samiske flagget klipp og lim
a black and white drawing of a person wearing a pirate costume
Saamelaiskäräjät - Sakaste hanke - Väritys- ja ompelukuvat
Saamelaiskäräjät - Sakaste hanke - Väritys- ja ompelukuvat
an image of different symbols that are in the language of words and numbers on paper
ritual drum – 2depressed2getdressed blog
Some Sami drum symbols More
a diagram showing the four different kinds of food and drinks in each section of the circle
Nye Gaia 1 Grunnbok
Nye Gaia, naturfag og samfunnsfag for 1.-4. trinn fra Gyldendal Undervisning
there are many pieces of art on display in the glass case with scissors and yarn
majoban: Neste uke er det samenes nasjonaldag på fredag, og...
two loaves of bread sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
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Gahkko - samisk brød
a colorful piece of art made out of paper
Oppilas itse piirsi mallin tai käytti valmista mallia, huopaan kiinni ja jäteväripaperisuikaleista kuviosaksilla koristeet. (Alkuopettajat FB -sivustosta / Kristiina Pakkanen)
several blocks of colored soap sitting on the ground