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two brown bears standing next to each other in the grass
bruine beer Hoenderdaell JN6A0758
a brown bear sitting on top of a rock covered ground next to a forest filled with trees
'Bear / End of summer' by Fotostyle-Schindler
two brown bears are drinking water from a river's edge while another bear looks on
Brown bears enjoy family life to the full in Katmai National Park
three brown bears are walking through the woods
The Beauty of Wildlife
two brown bears are walking in the grass with their young one is standing behind them
It's Finland's 100th Birthday, So Here's 100 Reasons You Need To Visit
two brown bears playing with each other in the water at low tide on a beach
This could all end in tears! Playful grizzly cub takes a painful swipe at his mother's nose
an adult bear with two cubs in the grass
Loughborough Leicestershire - Bears Galler Page 1 Brown Bear female with cubs