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a person swimming in the water with text that reads, life hack bei den heiden
Lifehack bei den heißen Temperaturen - Kaufdex
Lifehack bei den heißen Temperaturen. Eine 1,5 Liter Flasche Wasser einfrieren und dann an einen möglichst hohen Punkt im Zimmer stellen. Kann den Raum für bis zu 3 Stunden um 4 Grad abkühlen.
an open door with the words geld sparenn and a red arrow pointing to it
Geheimer Fenster-Trick spart Geld |
a large yellow machine sitting on top of a metal stand next to a fenced in area
Furniture made from oil drums » Engineering Basic
Sword, Viking Tattoos, Norse, Viking Battle, Fantasy Weapons, Viking Axe, Tomahawks, Tomahawk, Arm
This item is unavailable | Etsy
some fruit is in a basket on the kitchen counter
The Original Macrame Fruit Hammock |
six different types of wooden crates with logos on them, all labeled in black and white
Kitchen must have