Maaike Jansen Freriksen

Maaike Jansen Freriksen

Maaike Jansen Freriksen
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CTNB600 Cut Away Frock Coat  This was made for one of our favourite customers…

Cut Away Frock Coat - combination of Tailcoat and frockcoat worn during the transitional period between regency and early Victorian.

On female model, hunting ensemble from 1815: spencer and petticoat. The spencer…

1815 hunting ensembles tighter riding pants and short jacket for man feminized top hat for woman and more fitted than century silhouette but volume at the hips still

Malet's 'new' frock coat (see scene with tailor).  There are no pleats or…

A men's frock coat with black trousers. He is also wearing a black shirt with brass buttons in the middle. The tips of the sleeves are white, so he is probably wearing a tunic or undershirt.