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Natural Wonders: Beautiful Places To Experience Around The World - 4.

The Baatara gorge waterfall.The Baatara gorge waterfall (Balaa gorge waterfall) is a waterfall in the Tannourine, Lebanon. The waterfall drops 255 metres ft) into the Baatara Pothole, a cave of Jurassic limestone located on the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

Altă idee: Countryside pe bicicletă - să legăm Scorniceștiul de Oradea, călătoria de 1001 km

tiny bike-trailer home: "The mobile space, which can't be more than thirty square feet, has just enough room for a tiny kitchenette with a built-in bench, a sleeping loft and various drawers and shelves tucked into its nooks and crannies.

I took a broken 1-inch ratchet strap, cut off the end with the hook, and tied a loop at that end. I use this to gather firewood whenever I’m camping. I just lay the strap on the ground and pile sticks on it. Then I pull the male end through the female end and throw the bundle over my shoulder. I can carry twice as much wood in half the time. —Eddie Crane III, Richmond, Ill. | Field & Stream

Haul Firewood With a Web Strap, tie a loop at one end. lay strap flat and pile sticks on, then thread end through loop and pull tight to carry bundle

camping visual check list - this is beautiful! Glad to see a couple of wine glasses made the cut!

Vintage camping gear Portland photographer Jim Golden created these photos of neatly arranged collections of objects. Most of the objects he photographs are vintage, and in some cases, the photos r…

Dakota fire hole for efficient cooking and minimal smoke signature

We learned this in survival training when I was in the Navy. The Dakota fire hole - conserves wood while minimizing smoke and light from the fire. it also helps cut the light and smoke that can be seen by others or, eh hem, Walkers.