Event Tent Ideas

Party tents for a wedding, festival or a concert. Stylish event tents for special occasions. Party canopies that don't suck ;)
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CanvasHotel from CanvasCamp
several tents are set up next to a pool with chairs and umbrellas on it
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a large tent set up in the desert
The 2023 Hot List: The Best New Hotels in the World
Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Namibia
a group of people sitting around a table under a tent in the grass next to trees
Flex Stretch Tent
Great stretch tent designed to be a semi-permanent structure in your backyard or for professional events. The fabric is flexible and allows you to configure the tent’s shape for any event. The optional aluminium pole set allows you to easily transport the tent in any car. 100% waterproof
some people are sitting in the grass near a white tent with a blue tarp over it
Gallery | Cool Camping Tents | Glamping | CanvasCamp
there is a giant wooden man standing in the middle of a field with tents behind it
Event Tents
Burning Man
a group of people standing in the middle of a desert with tents set up around them
Event Tents
Burning Man
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs next to a swimming pool in the evening
Poolside with CanvasCamp!
a group of tents set up on the beach with people walking in front of them
FlexTent 187 - As Big as it Gets.
a large white tent sitting on top of a lush green field next to a giant silver ball
FlexTent 121 - Majestuous.
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by white tents with lit candles on the sides and tables in front of it
FlexTent 87 - The Perfect Tent for any Event.
an outdoor area with umbrellas and plants near the beach
FlexTent 65 - Rigged on the Beach.
two large white tents sitting on top of a lush green field
FlexTent 42 - Rigged in the Garden/ a (Rugby) Field.
a large white tent sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a building with stairs leading up to it
FlexTent 32 - Utterly Flexible - Rigged on the Balcony of a (Beach) House.
tables and chairs are set up under large white tents
Capri 8,5x11,5 | CanvasCamp