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Camping structures, festival camping set-up ideas, how to set-up a camping tarp and other outdoor shelter ideas
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several tents are set up in the grass
Sibley 600 Twin Ultimate
Sibley 600 Twin Ultimate - CanvasCamp
an aerial view of a backyard with a hot tub and patio furniture
Me gustan las lonas y los pavimentos
a tent set up in the desert with two chairs and a dog under it next to some rocks
CanvasCamp awnings come in 15 different styles providing cool shade on a hot summer day....and they look awesome!
two tents set up in the desert with mountains in the background
For shade and style: Bring a chair & enjoy the view! Photo: Corey Petrick
a white house with a green awning over it
CoolAir sunscreen - the shape is perfect for pitching over a patio or picnic, or lashing to your house and casting shade across your patio
a woman sitting on a chair under an umbrella in the shade outside her house, surrounded by greenery
CoolAir Triangle - blocks up to 90% of UV rays and creates a refreshing and comfortable place to sit outside
an outdoor area with chairs, tables and umbrellas
CoolAir Square - allows you to sit outside on hot summer days
two white tents sitting on top of a lush green field
Triangular Shelter
several tents set up in the desert with mountains in the background
Shelter - comes in different shapes and sizes (square, triangular and rectangular)
three people sitting in chairs under a tent on top of a hill with mountains in the background
Standard Shelter - protects you from the sun, rain and wind
a group of tents sitting next to each other on top of a field
Standard Shelter - can be attached to your Sibley Tent to extend the space