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Ways to attract aquatic wildlife to your garden pond Floating plants that provide oxygen into the water. In addition, there are important hiding place for fish under the water surface.

Ways to attract aquatic wildlife to your garden pond

Have you ever thought about having aquatic wildlife in your garden pond? It’s true that your garden will look so much better with extra occupants like frogs, snails or water insects. Make you…

Betta fish are simultaneously terrifying and beautiful. This duality comes through visually as many of these strange fish look like New York mobsters wearing Poisson Combatant, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Carpe Koi, Siamese Fighting Fish, Underwater Life, Beautiful Fish, Beautiful Pictures, Freshwater Fish

37 Pet Photos to Amaze and Inspire You

We’ve been focused on nature and landscape for a while on dPS so it’s time to shift gears and move over to the fauna, specifically – pets. If you have any pets you no doubt have endless photos of them. I have tons of photos of my cats on my iPhone. But let’s take it […]

Batavia Spadefish (Platax Batavianus) - Juvenile aka Zebra Batfish by Mike Bartick Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Fauna Marina, Life Under The Sea, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Tropical Freshwater Fish, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Salt Water Fish

Mike Bartick

Batavia spadefish (Platax batavianus) One of the gems from this years jump down to lembeh. A wonderful and productive trip that was all too short.... at...

2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry like holy crap!

2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest - #310

Just Cichlids offers all things related to cichlids including live cichlid fish, cichlid food, cichlid books and much more. Each day you can find a wide variety of items pertaining to cichlid fish. Tropical Freshwater Fish, Tropical Fish Aquarium, Tropical Fish Tanks, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Cichlid Aquarium, Cichlid Fish, Discus Fish, Aquascaping, Salt Water Fish

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi – Ram (Apistogramma ramirezi, Papiliochromis ramirezi, Microgeophagus ramirezi)

M. ramirezi is also known by the names 'Ramirez' dwarf cichlid' and 'butterfly cichlid' and is among the more popular dwarf cichlids in the aquarium hobby. As a result, it is produced on a commercial basis in huge numbers and a number of ornamental strains have been developed including 'gold', 'long-finned' (both blue and gold forms; also traded as 'lyre-tail', 'veil-tail' and 'hi-fin'), 'electric/neon blue', 'super neon blue gold' 'pearl/perlmutt' and 'balloon'.

Aquascape - Whitaker Forest: Houses a water snake, Helicops Carinecauda, guppies,catfish, and Distichodus

2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest - #239

There are lots of different types of betta fish and this article covers them in detail including breeds, patterns, colors, tail differentiation and more. Betta Fish Care, Betta Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium Fish, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Siamese Fighting Fish, Beautiful Fish, Exotic Fish, Frogs

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Aquarium fish beautiful see grass aquascape.