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Mid nineties concept bike Cannondale

So, what Cannondale bike do you think just looks stunning? Cannondale always seems to have great paint schemes.

Shimano Alfine 700, 11 speed internal gear hub for city biking

Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub for city biking

The Great Gatsby groom style. #Celebstylewed #GreatGatsby @Jason Stocks-Young Stocks-Young Jones Style Weddings

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most perfect person to play Jay Gatsby. I don't know why other Gatsby movies were ever made when it's obvious that Leo IS Gatsby.

The first production Model T Ford was assembled at the Piquette Avenue Plant in Detroit on October 1, 1908. Over the next 19 years, Ford would build 15,000,000 automobiles with the Model "T" engine, the longest run of any single model apart from the Volkswagen Beetle. From 1908-1927, the Model T would endure with little change in its design. Henry Ford had succeeded in his quest to build a car for the masses.

Henry Ford with 1921 Model T. "While other auto makers wanted to design luxury cars, Henry Ford designed a car that anyone could afford. Here he is standing by that very car. From the collections of The Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company.