Fine motor

Counting with pom poms. Here is a simple counting activity for children, especially preschoolers. Simple to set up it can suit individual needs and develops fine motor skills.

Resolvendo operações de maneira lúdica.

Adapt to any math equations. Answer key on the back of the plate. Colors/answers should be on both sides of the clothes pins Mehr zur Mathematik und Lernen allgemein unter zentral-lernen.

Great FREE math tools to use with your interactive white board!

FREE Number Sense Technology Tool

Romeinse cijfers

Roman Numeral Chart (If the smaller letter (in value) is in front you subtract. If the larger letter (in value) is in front you add).

This Writing Center bundle includes many posters to set up a whole writing center! It also has a lot of writing resources such as monthly…

Do You Want Your Students to Love Writing

Tickled Pink in Primary has tips to make writing more fun and ideas on how to set up a writing center in your classroom!

Hva er klokka?

Language teaching resources, strategies, materials, crafts, etc. for Norwegian and LCTL teachers.