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an image of multiple lines that are in the same color and size as shown on this screen
Pencil Crossbow
DIY simple and awesome Pencil Crossbow... are you freking kidding me right now!?!??, I made this like 3 years ago!! RIP-OFF wow ... I am just disappointed right now. It's actually called the Tharp!
an assortment of different types of crafting tools and their uses are shown in this collage
Great Pencil Craft | Best DIY Ideas
a hand holding an open book in front of a page with the words magic written on it
Found on iFunny
My favorite poem
the text is written in black and white on a sheet of paper with words that spell out
The English Challenge
This is awesome
the poster for this is you don't know
this ones worth reading
an abstract photo of water with the words, in orange and blue
Life hack: Anti-chaos-cable auf B-Landau.de
Cable storage. Brilliant!
four images show how to make a tea strainer with green tea leaves in it
My next teacup!