Camilla Myklebust

Camilla Myklebust

Camilla Myklebust
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Installé plus tôt cet été au chantier naval de Chatham, Ephemeral Rays est un projet réalisé par l’artiste britannique Charlotte Smith.  La pièce comprend plusieurs centaines d’ampoules maintenues par des fils transparents, formant un rideau de verre, l’écho d’un rayon de lumière passager.

skeletales: Installed earlier this summer at the Chatham Historic Dockyard, Ephemeral Rays is a new work by artist Charlotte Smith. The piece consists of several hundred lights on filaments that fill a large window of a galvanizing shop.

snow queen set design - Google Search

'Tunnel is the very first exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo London, by Punchdrunk. This is a walk through forest made of paper, It was made to create a momentary experiences for the audience. - Inspiration for 2015 HALLOWEEN party

LANCE CARDINAL: HONK! The Musical - Set/Prop Design

Set Design - Capilano University, 2008 I have designed the musical HONK! two times and had it tour in many other theatres after it.

i went to the house but did not enter, Heiner Goebbels, Klaus Grünberg

When the Mountain Changed it's Clothing (Carmina Slovenica), set design and light by Klaus Grünberg, 2012

Set in a dream from the very beginning of the play, the environment was meant to explore the fluidities of dreamscapes. Like a dream which may change at any moment, the set was a simple “Yves Klein blue” inspired void, riddled with surprises and hidden complexities. Doors rising from the floor, hidden compartments, and ever-changing landscapes created a magical world to highlight the complete beauty and absurdity that is love.

Set Prop- TEGOT: I thought this set was really unique and really interesting. I'm not sure how it will apply to us, but I thought I should pass it along. For color scheme if nothing else