HomeMade Modern DIY EP8 $5 Bucket Stool Revisited

We know that cement is used in building sturdy homes and structures.

Fleur kommode i eik med porselensknotter. Dimensjoner: L46 x H125.5 x D35cm. Kr. 4560,-

The Fleur 8 drawer cabinet is a feminine design that offers practical storage for a variety of items, from accessories and smaller items of clothing to make up, jewellery and paperwork. Buy now at Habitat UK.

Tripod gulvlampe i solid ask. Lampeskjerm kjøpes separat. Kr. 1875,-

Tripod Neutral Wood Floor lamp base from Habitat.

Mizuko pendel med 3 glasskupler. Kr. 2025,-

Kura extra large white paper ceiling light shade has been made using simple, paper-folding techniques resulting in a contemporary origami design. Buy now at Habitat UK.

Yves bordlampe i sortlakkert metall. Lampeskjerm kjøpes separat. -20% Før kr. 610,- Nå kr. 488,-

Yves bordlampe i sortlakkert metall.

Viso magasin bord. Dimensjoner: L35 x H40 x D50 cm. Kr. 1370,-

Dimensjoner: x x cm.

Bobby gulvlampe. Fåes i flere farger. Kr. 760,-

Fåes i flere farger.