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Respiratory Therapy Cave: Tips for reading chest x-rays

Respiratory Therapy Cave: Tips for reading chest x-rays. I saw this as different places to punch someone and do damage

Pitting Edema 1+ 2mm or less: slight pitting, no visible distortion, disappears rapidly. 2+ 2-4mm indent: somewhat deeper pit, no readably detectable distortion, disappears in 10-25 seconds. 3+ 4-6mm: pit is noticeably deep. May last more than a minute. Dependent extremity looks swollen and fuller. 4+ 6-8mm: pit is very deep. Lasts for 2-5 minutes. Dependent extremity is grossly distorted.

Edema is the body’s natural response to injury or inflammation. It can either affect the whole body or an isolated small area. Edema grading generally depend on the depth and duration of the dent.

Surgical tie, instrument technique

Suturing Techniques and Wound Care from - Clinicians Pocket Reference, Edition by [ Leonard Gomella , Steven Haist ] McGraw-Hill Medical ISBN

futuredoctorspork: “ geekymedguru: “Types of surgical sutures ” The first time I saw a c-section and they used a lock-stitch suture on the uterus, I said, “Oh, it’s a blanket stitch!” and the...

medicalstate: “ A Brief Guide to Sutures. If I planned to go into surgery, I would learn more of these. My current repertoire consists of the simple (over and inverted), subcuticular, horizontal.


This (infographic) guide runs you through an introduction to suturing before taking you step-by-step through how & when to place 11 suturing techniques.