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Dagplejebørnene har været kreative :-)
cute and a little bit creepy
three red and white gnome hats sitting on top of a table next to a flower
Our seasonal crafting has been incredibly simple. Using mostly what's on hand already. And for this using the hands as well. The kids made a Scandinavian Gnome handprint the other day. Also known as Tomte Tonttu Nisse or Tomten. I loved using the handprints for their beards (even though I should of pressed down on Nat's fingers more!) and gluing the tall red gnome hats with just a big cardboard nose popping out. Every time I look at this little craft it just makes me happy. It's these things...
there is a white vase with a tree in it and other decorations on the table
Juleverksted -10 gode gjenbruksideer. | Småbarnsforeldre
Juleverksted -10 gode gjenbruksideer. - Idebank for småbarnsforeldreIdebank for småbarnsforeldre
four toilet paper rolls with different designs on them and one is made to look like animals
Trzej królowie z rolek po papierze
Trzej królowie z rolek po papierze toaletowym. W 100% z recyklingu praca plastyczna na 6 stycznia. Zdjęcie oraz szczegóły wykonania...
the snowflakes are shiny silver and have been placed on top of each other
juleverksted for småbarn
juleverksted for små barn - Google-søk
a wooden doll hanging from a string on a wall with text below it that reads, please, 32 summer se mee
Christmas prepping vol. 3
Wooden Bead Angel: no instructions, but looks like it would be easy enough by looking at the picture.
small wooden christmas trees with musical notes on them
Non English site which does written description below photo. I figure: cut triangle shape, creases=5 - 6, push onto skewer, top with stars (hole-punched or pushed ) onto skewer.
three wooden peg dolls are hanging from clothes pins with faces on them, one is wearing a top hat and the other has an angel
ispinner i tre - Google-søk
some brown paper bags with reindeer noses on them
Handarbete & Pyssel
Renfodral till julgodiset « Handarbete & Pyssel | Inspiration Handverkarna.se | pyssla pyssla hobby sticka virka sy hantverk papperspyssel brodera smycken sömnad handverk
cute and a little bit creepy
Dagplejebørnene har været kreative :-)
cute and a little bit creepy
several pieces of crafting material are laid out on a table with tags attached to them
KK - Mamma
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