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some food is laying on top of each other
Eggplant Wraps
EGGPLANT WRAP with SPINACH, SUN-DRIED TOMATO & CHEESE ~~~ this recipe is shared with us from the book, "food: vegetarian home cooking". [Mary McCartney] [epicurious]
some bread sticks are on a black plate
Soft Pretzels
"I've always been a fan of any food high in salt and starch," Grant Achatz says, "and soft pretzels right out of the oven are awesome." You can eat th...
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a recipe book with an image of chicken on it and the title is this the secret keg recipe?
KFC recipe revealed? Tribune shown family scrapbook with 11 herbs and spices.
Is this the secret KFC recipe? One of our reporters stumbled upon this note in one of the Colonel's family photo albums.
a white plate topped with a dessert covered in toppings
Strawberry mousse tart, pulled sugar peas, rolled white chocolate ganache and pea dust & cream by @sweetfable #TheArtOfPlating
an overhead view of figs and other food items
roasted eggplant, fig, and mozzarella pizzas
some brownies are stacked on top of each other
Créme Bruleé Brownies - Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Creme Brulee Brownies -- two of my favorite desserts in ONE!! Omg almost too good to be true :)
a spoon with some food in it on a table next to oranges and lemons
Vegan Meyer Lemon Crème Brûlée | Lands & Flavors
Use your spoon to shatter the caramel crackle topping of this Vegan Meyer Lemon Crème Brûlée and reveal the custardy and lemony dessert underneath!