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a white sink sitting on top of a counter next to a wooden wall mounted faucet
70 Creative Bathroom Sinks You will love | Art and Design
Add organic shapes into your interior with interesting surfaces and fixtures. Great for kitchens and bathrooms.
a light that is made out of concrete and has lights on it's sides
Concrete Light Fixtures for Contemporary Spaces - Mindful Design Consulting
a white light hanging from a ceiling fixture
The Design Walker
an unusual concrete structure sitting on top of a cobblestone road
The Architecture In Some Older Power Plants Were So Unique And Ornate, This One Built In 1925 Was A Neoclassical Design Inspired By Roman Bath Houses. Although It Has Seen Better Days It's Still Beautiful And Dripping In History
an intricately designed building with round windows
6 concrete facades with solid waves and beyond, as captivating as the material itself
a wooden bench sitting in front of a wall with lights on it and a plant next to it
Stairs Lead To A Lofted Play Space Above A Bed And Closet In This Kids Bedroom Design
a bowl sitting on the ground in front of a wall
casa topo by martín dulanto is a semi-buried wood + concrete residence in lima, peru
casa topo by martín dulanto is a wood + concrete residence in lima, peru
several concrete steps lined up against each other
windows texture staircase outdoor modern living room leftovers kitchen industrial GLAMasculine facade dining dark concrete color brick art Japanese Trash masculine design tastethis
the shadow of a skateboard is cast on wood
Formwork / Architecture Republic
the texture of concrete is white and gray with black dots on it, as well as small holes in the cement
The World's First 'Concrete' Ready-to-Wear And Accessories Collection By IVANKA | Yatzer
the inside of a large building with stairs
Toronto – A Brutalist City — THE SITE MAGAZINE
an old brick building with stairs leading up to it
Norman Foster, Daniel Libeskind, and More Breathe New Life Into 10 Old Structures