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The Perfect Plants for a Terrarium
Tap to find the perfect plants to add to your terrarium or paludarium. Our corner paludarium has been bringing life to our showroom for 4 years now 🤯 It’s definitely gone through many changes throughout the years, but keeps getting better and better with each change. What’s the longest you’ve kept a scape going?
four different types of plants with red and green leaves
Red Aquarium Plants
Grateful for our lights for giving us these amazing colors in our tanks! We use Twinstar to give the high light our red plants need to achieve these vibrant colors 💡Explore our lights
some green plants are growing out of the ground
Bucephalandra Arrogant Blue
four different types of aquariums with plants and rocks in them, all lit up
Office Pico and Nano Display Grid
Amazing nano aquarium display in the office
an aquarium filled with plants and water in front of a man sitting at a desk
Interzoo 2016 - Nuremberg, Germany
Check out our Journal from Interzoo 2016! Beautiful Aquascapes
a close up view of a small red and green leaf on a branch with blurry background
Top Down New Leaf Buce
Top down view of a beautiful aquatic plant, Bucephalandra!
four different types of aquariums with plants and rocks in them, all lit up
Office Pico and Nano Display Grid
a fish tank sitting on top of a white counter next to a lamp and window
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an aquarium filled with green plants and algae in the foreground is a fish tank
a small plant with green leaves and red stems in the middle of some mossy ground
Форум аквариумистов • Просмотр темы - Буцефаландры
Bucephalandra sp. kedagang
two different images of flowers and leaves
Endless list of favorite aquatic plants: 15.2/* → Bucephalandra variations (photos © by Vasteq at
a person holding some plants in their hand with water running down the side of it
Bucephalandra sp. Brownie phantom