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A collection of aquascapes that we have done here at the Buce Plant Head Quarters. Let us know what you think!
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UNS 90U Progress
Just wait for this transformation 🤩 We’ve been patiently watching our UNS 90U come to life one leaf at a time, and the progress has been truly mesmerizing. From tiny sprouts and stems to lush greens and reds, every new growth is a reminder of the beauty and serenity that aquascaping can bring 🌱 The end result is so worth it!
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UNS 90U - 4 weeks in 🌱
Check out our newest UNS 90U scape! After a couple weeks of being planted, the Rotalas began rapidly growing and coloring up. The Buce in the foreground are starting to show their red hues as well ✨ It’s always so rewarding to see how much our scapes grow and change under our care. Everything from 🌿
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UNS 45U ft. Pagoda Stone - Over 1 year in
Maintaining a thriving aquascape takes patience, persistence, and a love for the hobby. But every moment of care and attention has resulted in a stunning display of life 🌱 Watching hairgrass, buce, and ferns grow and evolve has been a true joy. Seeing the progress of a flourishing scape is worth every moment of TLC! Everything from 🌿
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UNS 75S Paludarium Fish Tank
With the help of our vibrant UNS Titan and Atomizer, our emersed paludarium plants are growing happy and healthy! The beautiful red and greens of the plants, along with the guppies in the tank, bring a striking pop of color against the Basin Wood and Lava Stones 😎 What’s the most vibrant plant you’ve kept in your tanks? 👇
UNS 5N ft. Spiderwood and Bucephalandra
This scape highlights the distinct, natural curves of Spiderwood. The crevices of the driftwood are accented using a mix of epiphytic plants including Anubias Stardust Mini and Bucephalandra Red Mini 🌿 What do you think? 👇
planted fish tank with red stem plants
UNS 60U ft. Hakkai Stone
This scape features one of the most popular stones in the aquascaping hobby- Hakkai. Traditionally, you'll see Hakkai used in Iwagumi style scapes surrounded by thick carpets of Dwarf Hair Grass 🌱 While we did incorporate some Eleocharis Pusillis, we wanted to mix it up a bit. Instead, we aimed to emphasize the more colorful plants like Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis and Ludwigia.
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UNS 60U ft Monte Carlo
UNS 60U aquascape featuring a Monte Carlo carpet and stem plants 🌱 This planted tank is home to our Red Cherry Barbs who love hiding in their cave of Dragon Stone. Everything from 🌿
bonsai tree with bucephalandra in aquarium tank Nano Tank, Algae
UNS 60U Slow M’ocean - 7 months in
Tap to Shop 👆 We were struggling with algae issues in this tank. Time, patience, and many water changes later allowed this scape to bounce back and look better than ever 👍 We love seeing how healthy the Fissidens and buce have gotten over time and watching flowers grow and sprout.
wolf stone in planted aquarium Plants, Photo, Scape, Snoopy Images
UNS 5N Wolf’s Den - 7 weeks in 🌱
This photo was taken exactly a week after flooding our dry started scape. We did experience a bit of algae on the Wolf Stone, but it was nothing a small dose of hydrogen peroxide couldn’t fix 👍
japanese rice fish in planted tank Vertebrates, Landscape, Little Fish, Aquarium Landscape
Playful, little fish have made their return
Tap to Shop In honor of our Japanese Rice Fish restock, here’s a throwback to our UNS 45U rice fish tank. Stock up your tanks with what is known as the first vertebrate to reproduce in space!
planted tank featuring wolf stone and dwarf baby tears Reptile Room
UNS 5N - Wolf's Den
Our take on an Iwagumi scape features larges pieces of Wolf Stone with a natural sand pathway. Hardscape with tiny details like this is great for adding proportion to a nano tank, especially with the Dwarf Baby Tears’ smaller leaf size. After dry starting the carpet for 6 weeks, the lush patches bring a naturalistic vibe that's reminiscent of the great outdoors into our showroom.
DIY Glass Bottle Terrarium
Creating a mini terrarium is a great way to upcycle old, reusable bottles. It’s the perfect decoration for any room! Simple recycle old bottles to elevate your desk space by adding plants. Everything from
Betta fish aquarium with live aquatic plants
UNS 45U - Betta Fish Tank
A planted fish tank for a betta fish ft. UNS 45U tank, Pagoda Stone, Dwarf Hair Grass, Java Fern Trident, and more! Everything from 🌱
an aquarium with plants and rocks in it
Planted Aquarium Tank | IQ9 Dropoff Freshwater Scape
Luscious aquatic plant growth from all angles in our Dropoff Aquarium🔥