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High end residential kitchen
High end kitchen made using #solidsurface #himacs
a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops, along with hardwood flooring
Luxurious kitchen worktop
Corian kitchen worktop
A black and white terrazzo speckled worktop, combined with an apple green Kitchen Worktops, Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Bespoke
Kitchen worktops mixed Solid Surface
Solid Surface kitchen worktops made using Corian and Durasein
Solid Surface has so many uses
There are so many uses for Solid Surface
a purple and white poster with the words beautiful worktops sold surface
Solid Surface Worktops
Solid Surface kitchen worktops with integrated AXIX sink.
a kitchen counter with a phone on it
Solid Surface - your questions answered
Want to understand more about Solid Surface? Check out our blog
a room filled with lots of different colored chairs and tables in front of large windows
We are Oktra: London's Leading Office Design Company
an office filled with people working on laptops
We are Oktra: London's Leading Office Design Company
the interior of a modern office building with an open floor plan and circular ceiling lights
We are Oktra: London's Leading Office Design Company
The Art of Solid Surface
Demonstrating how versatile Solid Surface is as a material
Integrated Sinks made from Solid Surface
Solid Surface Integrated Sinks
a kitchen with blue cabinets and white counter tops that says it's officially spring get in touch if you are looking for something new and fresh
Looking to freshen up your home? look no further, we can help with amazing counter tops amongst many other things.