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some rocks are being made to look like they have eyes on them, and one is holding
DIY Garden Trinkets & Unique Garden Decor
DIY Garden Trinkets • A round-up full of great ideas and tutorials! Including, from 'instructables', these cute and adorable 'garden things' made with rocks.
some rocks with faces painted on them in a basket
How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones
How to Make Garden Markers by Painting Stones: What do you think? These are so cute!
a potted planter filled with green plants and a small house in the middle
Miniature home with small plants in planter.
a green flower is growing out of the ground next to a pair of pliers
Magic Celery
Planting a celery bottom will produce a new stock of celery... Amazing!!! guh I NEED to make a Gardening board!
a bunch of white flowers laying on the ground next to a black barrel and trash can
Cool Stuffs
Cool landscape idea for outside the home
purple flowers are growing out of an old barrel in the middle of a flower garden
Flower garden / Цветочный сад. Обсуждение на LiveInternet - Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Waterfall blue lobelia - No other blue flower can match the intensity of Waterfall Blue lobelia, a perfect floral imitation of water flowing from the pot. Riverdene Gold Mexican Heather gives a lime green color around the container, and Rustic Orange cole
a facebook post with flowers and dishes in the sink on it's page, which reads
How cute
a wicker chair sitting next to a tall wooden pole with two lights on it
31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Home Ideas
Drill holes in landscape posts and voila! Solar light holders! Very cool and simple!! Gardening, patio, deck decor
a garden shed with its door open and gardening tools in it
Photo Library
Garden shed made of 4 old doors love this!!!!!!!!
there are many different images of people laying on the grass
Brick Garden Border
here is the guide
how to make a clay pot lighthouse -&nbspbitchinrants Resources and Information.
Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse cute for the garden
several books stacked on top of each other
Brick Books by Daryl Fitzgerald (pictures)
Brick Books. For the garden.
three rocks with the letters m and m painted on them
I want to do that! :) I will do this; love it!!!
someone standing in the grass with their feet on some pillows and rugs around them
Under Maintenance
Concrete stepping stones that look like vintage pillows. Fun!
a hand is holding a small plant with dirt on the ground and soil in it
How to Grow Garlic
How to plant garlic (one clove produces up to twenty more) - you can always have fresh garlic!