Britt Christoffersen

Britt Christoffersen

Britt Christoffersen
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23 Hilarious Products Every Teacher Needs

If you use the dark side to help you get through grading papers you may be the sith lord otherwise known as Darth Grader. Show off your nerdy educator status in this funny nerd design. Perfect for nerdy teachers all over the galaxy.

Weaving Tutorial for Beginners and Kids with Cardboard and Yarn

HOW TO MAKE: Weaved Yarn on cardboard cutouts for Kids. We love this tutorial as it shows how versatile cardboard can be! Need to put my yarn remnants to good use! This would make a great project for my niece and nephews!


When teaching history, I used to try to explain this to students- usually with little success. People have a hard time grasping how many people it took to make them. and how that gives us huge family trees. ** This is very interesting.