Simplest Sweater - free ravelry pattern

This year, learn to knit your first sweater with this free beginner-friendly pattern: "Simplest Sweater"

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Christmas In July pattern by Tanis Lavallee

Christmas In July pattern by Tanis Lavallee

HØSTGENSER: Den nye Line Langmo-genseren er strikket lengre og smalere, og med hette. Det er fullt mulig å droppe hetten. Foto: Solveig Selj

AUTUMN SWEATER: New Line Langmo-sweater is knitted longer and narrower, and with a hood.

Stickning, tröja: Ravelry: NishiKnits' Riddari - Jewels

NishiKnits' Riddari - Jewels

fe Short rows in the colour work. After completing row I purled back across the back, turned my work (w&t) and knit back to the BOR. Next one after completing row

Icelandic Lopapeysa sweater - finished! - Happymaking Designs - for happymaking designs

Do you remember that I bought a sweater kit after seeing the Alafoss stand at Unravel back.