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Illustrating the Men's Rights movement. I think this can be applied to many different movements, though. << Racism too. And LGBTQ+ rights opposers

Illustrating the "Men's Rights" movement. | Funny; I was thinking about race the whole time I was reading, and only realized it was about men/women specifically when I got to the end. We're all circles in one way or another, and we so badly need to be aware of it.>> it's not about men, but also racism (blacks making fun of whites, or Asians, and vise versa, or whatever skin tone or nationality you want to use) both genders, and homosexuality.

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I'm glad you put the Christian one in cause a lot of people think that all Christians are Christian™ However, the feminist ™ one is wrong bc that is misandry. That’s not a feminist.

There is absolutely no need for millionaires in this world.

think about it

Attention all LGBTQ+, there may be haters but there are a lot of us who aren't.

Yess oh fuck don't you know it makess me dislike seventy percent of the people I used to think were okay after I started getting into social politics and stuff like that Intersectional Feminism, Patriarchy, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, So True, Social Justice, Real Talk, Equality, Just For You

This is so true and not only this but when you finally see through people you've known for a long time and they think you're different like no I just realized what a shitty person you really are

As a Muslim this angers me that people think that we like or agree with ISIS, we don't and stop discriminating and judging us, ur just making our lives hellish to live<<I'm sry that you have to go through this injustice Angst Quotes, Refugees, Faith In Humanity Restored, Equal Rights, The More You Know, Social Justice, In This World, Equality, Just In Case

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As a Muslim this angers me that people think that we like or agree with ISIS, we don't and stop fucking discriminating and judging us, ur just making our lives hellish to live

White people can- and should- enjoy Get Out, but remember to think about it, and check your privilege.<<< Or we could just shut the fuck up and just watch the movie and not think about politics or society right after. Angst Quotes, Thats The Way, The More You Know, Faith In Humanity, The Villain, In Kindergarten, Social Justice, Thought Provoking, Wells
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Ofc she’s not saying if you’re white you’re racist, she’s just saying some times racists don’t know/want to admit they’re racist

This is amazing news! Instead of queer children being subjected to a miserable childhood full of emotional abuse, they may finally have a chance at finding a family that truly accepts them for who they are

I disagree with a lot of their government policies, but I'm pretty sure that Iranians are like people the world over.< True plus most of the people living in Iran aren't the government and who knows if they agree with the government or not Out Of Touch, Faith In Humanity Restored, Intersectional Feminism, Equal Rights, The More You Know, Social Issues, Thought Provoking, In This World, Equality


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No words 😶 The More You Know, Just For You, World Problems, All That Matters, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Social Justice, In This World
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Being "not into politics" is political. Not everyone has the luxury of removing themselves from politics or burying their heads in the sand. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun, You Dont Say, Critical Thinking Skills, Intersectional Feminism, Patriarchy, Smart People, Social Issues, Social Justice, Real Talk
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- When people say no to black lives matter because 'all lives matter,' they're either saying black lives don't matter or they just don't see black lives as lives. If they did, you wouldn't need to contradict Black Lives Matter to make their point. Intersectional Feminism, Pro Choice, Thats The Way, Equal Rights, Faith In Humanity, Social Issues, Social Justice, Human Rights, In This World
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Why do we need to vote in order for someone to get rights? Shouldn't we just HAVE rights just because we're people? Women's rights, gay rights, feminism, equal rights, equality.

Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy

Easterling, Woman of Darkness, Priestess of Sauron, Worshipper of Melkor my AO3 (beware of monsters...

Confederate flag is what disrespects american flag Intersectional Feminism, Faith In Humanity, Social Justice, Thought Provoking, Real Talk, True Stories, In This World, Equality, Love
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Taking a knee isn't about Veterans! It's about the fact that we served our country for the rights of the people to do so!