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a blue and white sign with a cheetah on it
Untitled | by Art of the Luggage Label
a red and white sticker with the words hotel majestic saigon, vietnam on it
Vietnam Saigon MAJESTIC Hotel
the pickwick airways logo is shown in white and blue on a green circle with an airplane
Art of the Luggage Label
the grand hotel sign is shown in blue, orange and white with an orange border
Saigon la rue Catinat
an advertisement for lemon hart rum, jamaica rum
free rum labels - - Image Search Results
an advertisement for algerie featuring a man on horseback with palm trees in the background
an old advertisement for bachdad by the natin transport company
Posters, Classic, Ideas, Cunard Line, Europe
an old poster with a red buoy floating in the water next to a ship
Messageries Maritimes Affiche
an advertisement for mercedes's benz automobile in the early 1900's
Mercedes Benz Vintage Advertising Poster 1920 by Vintage Treasure