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Brenda Schwanke Hathaway

EASY Frozen Dog Treats (Pupsicles) - Baking Mischief

Make a big batch of these two-ingredient Watermelon and Yogurt Frozen Dog Treats to keep your pup cool this summer!

TOP #115: Can My Dog Contract Coronavirus?

Podcast #115: Can My Dog Contract Coronavirus?

In today's podcast episode, I address the common question among dog owners - can our dogs contract coronavirus - as well as many other related questions.

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs: A Science-Based Guide

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Dogs Supplements: A Science-Based Guide

Probiotics and prebiotics for dogs were shown in numerous studies to have tons of health benefits. Here's a science-based guide and review of those studies.

10 Strangest Dog Breeds on the Planet

10 Strangest Dog Breeds on the Planet

If you're looking to adopt a unique looking dog, these ten strangest dog breeds with fascinating appearance will shock and surprise you and those around.

4 Dangerous Ingredients Used in Dog Foods

4 Dangerous Ingredients (According to Studies) Commonly Found in Dog Foods

Pet food manufacturing can cost a pretty penny, forcing pet food companies include some cheap (and dangerous) dog food ingredients into their formulas. Premium foods aren't always an exception. While some people may associate higher cost with higher quality, one must really question this line of thinking.

Pet Food Manufacturing Regulations: USA vs Canada vs Europe vs China

Pet Food Manufacturing Standards & Regulations: USA vs Canada vs Europe vs China

Who has the most strict pet food safety and quality regulations? Here's how they fare against each other (and what you should know about them).

The Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Small Dogs

13 Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Small Dogs

Because small dog owners are often ignored, we've made a list of 13 homemade dog food recipes for small dogs that will be more well-balance for your pooch and result in a perfect amount - nothing to waste or store for months if your small pooch doesn't consume too much food.

How to Make Bone Broth for Dogs

How to Make Bone Broth for Dogs the Easy Way (In a Pot or Slow Cooker)

Bone broth is an easy way to add nutrition to your pup's diet. Learning how to make bone broth for dogs is simple, and only requires a few ingredients.

Recipe: Healthy Dog Cake with Peanut Butter

Recipe: Healthy Dog Cake Recipe with Peanut Butter

You can feed your dog a small piece of this cake as a treat. Just remember that it will add extra calories to your pet's diet. You should only feed your pooch one small piece per day, and ideally, only on special occasions.

Recipe: Very Easy Home Cooked Dog Food Meal

Easy Home Cooked Dog Food Recipe

This easy home cooked dog food recipe uses chicken and turkey as the protein sources. The best part of making homemade dog food is that you can substitute ingredients if you'd like (such as exchanging chicken with beef or venison). So if your dog is allergic to chicken or just prefers a different meat, feel free to use something else instead.

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

How to Choose the Best Dog Bed for Your Pet (And Why It Matters)

Learning how to choose the perfect dog bed is a great preventative measure to reduce the risk of future joint problems such as arthritis.

10 Dog Supplies Dangerous for Puppies

10 Dog Supplies Potentially Dangerous for Puppies

Puppies will put anything into their mouth, but even some dog products you'd expect to be safe for a puppy often aren't. Although most of the listed dog supplies are perfectly fine for adult dogs, they can be extremely dangerous to puppies.

5 Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipes

5 Nutritious Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipes

Refusing dog food is common among dogs that are sick or have stomach related issues. These homemade wet dog food recipes may help with fixing the problem.

20 Signs of Stress in Dogs [Infographic]

Infographic: 20 Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

Recognizing signs of stress in dogs and providing relief is crucial because stress causes discomfort and damage to a dog's mental and physical health.

How To Treat A Dog Wound: Quick Video Guide

How To Treat A Dog Wound

All dog owners should know at least a little about canine first aid. If you learn how to clean, bandage and care for your dog's wounds, you'll save hundreds of dollars on unnecessary vet bills.

Recipe: Healthy Dog Cookies with Pumpkin

Healthy Dog Cookie Recipe with Pumpkin

These simple treats for dogs are easy to make and can even be frozen for long-term storage. I also like them because they are soft and can be easily broken into pieces. They are perfect for any size dog, breed or age. You can even use them as training treats.