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a deer with antlers standing in the woods
I would much rather shoot him with my camera and have the picture to brag about than kill him so he can't reproduce magnificent babies like him and have his stuffed head on my wall. Don't get me wron though , I have nothing against hunting what you are going to eat to feed you and your family (I hate trophy hunters) I will eat venison when offered some meat in the fall but I shoot with my camera.
a deer with antlers standing in the snow
an elk laying down on the ground with large antlers
Sleeping Deer by RMangogh on DeviantArt
a large red deer standing on top of a lush green forest filled with trees and tall grass
The king of the forest with mighty antlers by Claudia Stößer
Deer in the wild
a close up of a deer with antlers on it's face and neck
Sami Reindeer
A digital print of my most popular photo, shot in Northern Norway (November 2022) The photo shows a deeply focused Reindeer at a Sami camp in Arctic Tromso. The setting afternoon sun made for perfect light and the gaze of the reindeer evokes a lot of wonder. Printed on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper *Frame not included*
two deer standing next to each other on a snow covered forest floor with trees in the background
It's a beautiful world!
It's a beautiful world!
Cutest reindeer I’ve ever seen