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Fear defined... "What About Bob" in a nutshell. With all the Bob's in our family it cracks us up and with all our physical ailments we sort of relate. (In a non-psychotic, non-hypochondriac kinda way!) Although, our daughter did name a goldfish Gill. So, maybe we are a little neurotic.... In the fun way! :-)

What about Fear of water? Phobias: xenophobia definition is a bit simplistic; yes 'strangers' but also more towards the fear of foreigners. Usually, used socially and culturally than just 'strangers' but I digress.

Life with, PTSD, Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Illness, Rape survivor, childhood Abuse Survivor, hypothyroidism, and on the list goes. . . and so will I. One breath at a time.

: Fight like a Girl Club. After a long and productive week, I am humbled to my knees; I haven't escaped my disease(s), in fact today they won. So tonight, I will rest.

Absolutely..... u cant catch r breath either and the butterflies in your stomach...... nope cant beat that!

It's not just about sex. Don't get me wrong sex is fucking great. But, when you have a connection with someone, when you feel so strong for someone. Just a kiss is enough to make your knees weak. You just can't beat that.

A thousand times YES!! I don't understand how little some people care about others. It's even worse when it's close friends or relatives that treat you this way. Please, start thinking about how your words and actions will affect others!

I hate seeing or hearing people treat others mean or being rude just for the sake of entertainment. The fact that some people get enjoyment out of making others feel small is sad.

Think before you speak, quotes & sayings

I love the different meanings this quote takes! How would it feel if those words were spoken about you? Words hurt, and you can't always take them back. I know few people need to read this